Xsanda I Only Have Eyes For You "Denniz"
Puppy # 3 male
"Denniz" 8 months old
"Denniz" 8,5 months old
"Denniz" 7 months old
"Denniz" 4,5 months old
"Denniz" 4,5 months old
Puppy # 3 10 week
 6,5 weeks old
 38 days old
 38 days old
25 days old
16 days old
16 days old
4 days
Xsanda The Wild Ones "Zigge" // Xsanda Dancing Machine "Inez"
Eye-tested clear
Xsanda The Wild Ones "Zigge"  2-R-Cert

SE UCH FI UCH NO UCH  CIB Chic Choix Sail The Seven Seas

AM CH Ta Sen Wyatt Earp

GB CH Dimara Miss Izzabella Of Shenedene

Xsanda Impressed By Me 2 Cert

Int. Nord CH Shardlow Born To Be Wild

Xsanda Love To Shine (CK)
Xsanda Dancing Machine   "Inez"1 Cert & 2 R-Cert & BIM
Nice Choice Tailormade

FI JV-06 EE CH SE FI UCH Chic Choix Touch Of Class

 Nice Choice I`m Parti Doll

SE UCH Xsanda Roses Are Red

SE UCH Xsanda A-ha Private Dancer
Xsanda One Of Us (1Cert & BIR)